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Services & Equipment. 

At a Glance...

Mite Constructions has established itself as a prominent commercial civil construction provider of a wide range of services to a constantly returning clientele in north and regional Queensland. Operating in the region for over 30 years has formed long term relationships with industry figureheads and an insight into the client’s requirements.  Contacts with administrative bodies (Local authorities), engineers and consultants within the region allow us to access an even further wealth of knowledge from our own. We aim to be a client driven company that strives to achieve a best outcome desired for all parties.


Predominately operating in Townsville and Northern Queensland we endeavour to support the local community by the use local service providers and products where possible.


Specialised Capabilites
Mite Constructions has been operating in North Queensland for in excess of 30 years with over 110 years of staff experience there is almost no job that they will hesitate to undertake.


Mite personnel hold a range of qualifications in the civil construction industry. Our competitive edge comes from this experience in having all our managers being brought up in the Townsville region had being exposed to the industry for over 20 years each. This core group of management oversees and co-ordinates our team steering them on the right track for the project. Reginald and Thelda Hamilton although no longer full time staff still maintain an advisory, financial and a mentoring roll in the organization.


A skilled administration team is well versed in the use of a variety of computer programs and systems that enables the efficient and smooth operation of the organization. Utilising a centralised networked filing system for data and communication ensuring that the office and field team members can effortless access information for any project where ever they are. The team is well versed in the use of Microsoft office suites and employs MS Project for visual timelines. Accounts utilise MYOB and Micro-pay management systems to keep the records of business and the office well organised.


Ashley, Glenn and Bradley Hamilton all hold certification IV’s in Civil Construction Supervision and Cert III in Civil Construction Plant Operations. Steven Hamilton holds a Cert IV in Civil Construction Operations and a Cert III IN Civil Construction Plant Operations. This core group of management oversees and co-ordinates our team steering them on the right track for the project. They are supported by Matthew and Joshua Hamilton both Cert III in Civil Construction Plant operations. Matthew also holds a Cert IV in Traffic Management systems and has completed a Safety Representatives course which is kept up to date.



How we go...
Training and Skills

Mite encourages and is totally committed to training and developing a highly skilled workforce. Working closely with local training providers to inspire, and deliver a career path for its employees. Mite’s apprentices have performed extremely well, being noticed by training organisations and being nominated for the Boral Apprentice of the Year awards. These nominations have resulted in their apprentices succeeding in these recognition ceremonies and have come runner up 3 times and have had a winner in the past 5 years at the Boral Apprentice of the Year awards in Certificate III of Civil Plant operations & Certificate III in Civil Pipe laying.


Management Systems
Safety Management system

Safety is a big part of MITE, especially considering that some of our workers are family members, we have a belief that all of our employees are entitled to return home safe. Our safety management system has been steadily developed over the course of being in business, utilising the family’s experiences and working closely with Tier 1 contractors to maintain and develop out system to meet the current standards. We have done extensive work with site safety officers and safety managers to lift our documentation to acceptable levels in all required fields.


Environment Management system

Managing environmental concerns onsite is addressed by our Environmental Management Plan (EMP). We have utilised our EMP with tier 1 contractors to coincide with their own environmental control systems and plans. Our EMP has been signed off by RPEQ engineers for use across many of our sites when required.


Quality Management System

Our use of Inspection, Test Plans (ITP’s) to ensure that the details on construction documents is communicated in a familiar way to our workers on the ground has proven itself time and time again to be an effective way of communicating the requirements of the project. We deploy these documents across all sites big and small.


Risk Management Approach

Working with tier 1 contractors for most of our operation we have always had a high understanding of risk management. Our risk matrix is utilised in our plant risk assessments and our Safe Work Method Statements, in order to bring about the same effectiveness across the board. 



We have all of our employees covered under WorkCover for any incident that involves our employees’ health at work. This will cover the costs of the injury of the worker to ensure that rehabilitation can take place if required. We also keep our public liability insurance through an insurance broker, JLT, up to 20 million dollars in any one occurrence. This policy also has our professional indemnity of up to 1 million dollars included. 

What we do...

Predominantly specialising in:

  • Building Pads

  • Roads

  • Carparks

  • Stormwater drainage

  • Bulk Excavation

Additional services:

  • Detailed Excavation & building footings

  • Sewer systems

  • Common services trenching

  • Rainwater collection and distribution

  • Water distribution

  • Machinery Hire


Engaging and managing local specialist subcontractors for the delivery of:

  • Kerb and driveways

  • Asphalt pavements

  • Concrete slabs and structures

What we use...

Our Office is located in Townsville, situated in a light industrial area with fast access to heavy industrial precincts and the city.


The company is Townsville based, strategically situated to facilitate efficient deployment of services.


Environmental compliance - The yard is equipped as a certified wash down and maintenance catchment area, supported by an oil separator to ensure environmental management compliance. Products ordered for projects are stored in the holding yard for future use, avoiding supply delays thus maintaining a timely completion record. 



Mite owns and operates its own modern fleet of plant and machinery items tailored for civil construction, all which have been selected for purpose and relevancy. A stringent maintenance regime of plant and machinery ensures a minimisation of downtime.

We are able to deploy:


  • 2 x 20t Excavators with Burst Valves, tilt buckets, rock breaker, & vertical boring attachments

  • 1 x 13t Excavator with Split Boom, burst valves and tilt bucket, rock breaker & vertical boring attachments

  • 1 x 8t Excavator with Burst Valves, tilt bucket & vertical boring attachments

  • 3 x 5t Excavators with tilt buckets, rock breakers & vertical boring attachments

  • 1 x 3t Excavator with tilt buckets

  • 1 x 1.5t Excavator with Trailer


Skid Steer Loaders
  • 4 x 4t Skid Steer Loaders with 4-in-1, Screed Boards, Vertical Boring, forks, chain excavation & Sweeper attachments

  • 1 x 2t Skid Steer Loader with 4-in-1, Screed Boards, Vertical Boring, forks, chain excavation & Sweeper attachments on trailer


  • 1 x 12t Grader with Auto Laser levelling equipment and ground scarifying attachment

  • 1 x 8t Grader with Laser Levelling equipment and ground scarifying attachment


  • 1 x 8t Front end Loader with Forks and Screening bucket attachments

  • 1 x 6t Backhoe with 4-in-1 and fork attachments


  • 1 x 11t Single Padfoot Roller with Vibration

  • 1 x 6t Singe Smooth Drum Roller with Vibration

  • 1 x 5t Double Smooth Drum Roller with Vibration

  • 1 x 4t Double Smooth Drum Roller with Vibration

  • 1 x 4t Single Padfoot Roller with Vibration

  • 1 x 2t Double Smooth Drum Roller with Vibration


Special Equipment
  • 1 x FX30  Vacuum Unit attached to Car Licence Body Truck

  • 1 x High Pressure Pipe Cleaner trailer


Trucks & Trailers
  • 2 x 10t Tipper Trucks with Water Tank Attachments

  • 2 x 4t Tipper Trucks

  • 1 x 2t Tipper Truck with Car Licence

  • 1 x 8t Heavy Machinery Trailer

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