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Track Record

Mite Constructions has tackled jobs as small as the odd pothole to projects that number in the multi millions.




Capable at operating at several sites simultaneously and are adept at scaling resources between projects as required. The team profile consists of three Full time & two part time Office Staff, three Full time Civil Site Managers and seventeen Full time Plant operators and apprentices. Ten members of the Hamilton Family form the formation of the team, all working cohesively throughout the different sections of the business. Mite is located and based in Townsville, Queensland but has contracted Jobs as far North as Weipa, as far south as Lismore, New South Wales and as far West and Mt Isa.  


Track Record


Mite Constructions has established an excellent client base with majority of its contracts and projects coming from returning customers who want MITE for the Project’s civil works. Mite Constructions has built itself up with a reputation for achieving or resourcing anything the client requires. Our largest project undertaken was the Cleveland youth detention centre expansion project. While broken up across 4 contracts the project over all added up to over 11 Million Dollars and stretched over 5 years before finally completing early 2015. The project demanded most of our company resources over the course of its run and allowed us as a company to develop and grow to our current size. Our Client Watpac, had large requirements for simply getting the works done and looked to Mite as a reliable supply chain for any intermediate works. We supplied small maintenance works throughout the infrastructure as it was installed and being put to use immediately, to golf buggies for traversing the project due to the size of the site, something our client Watpac was grateful for. We have added it to our list of major projects successfully completed.

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